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On February 25th, 2022, Gao Dekang, Chairman of DE&E Holding Group, won the "2021-2022 Industry Chain Influential Person" award for his great contribution in the field of kitchen and bathroom appliances, customized cabinets and real estate supply chain!

Influential Person

This award is a real estate supply chain award guided by China Real Estate Association and sponsored by China Real Estate Purchasing Platform. It was founded to recognize the top leaders in the real estate industry and help promote the internationalization of China's real estate and home.

In the past 30 years, Chairman Gao Dekang has been deeply involved in the field of kitchen and bath appliances and customized cabinets. With his extraordinary innovation ability, he led DE&E holding group into a modern enterprise group with more than 3,000 employees, covering kitchen and bathroom appliances, integral homes, real estate development and other fields by providing fashionable and high-end differentiated products and all-round efficient services.

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Chairman Gao Dekang has always adhered to the strategy of integrating brands, products, channels and services, actively carried out intelligent, branded and service-oriented layout, and focused on the main business of "kitchen and bathroom appliances and customized home" to create high-quality products.

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Chairman Gao Dekang won the "2021-2022 Industry Chain Influential Person" this time, which not only represents the industry's recognition of his leadership and influence, but also indicates the infinite potential of DE&E's future development under his leadership.